Hi! I'm Sarah

I'm so happy you're here! I use a documentary approach to capture your day as you lived it. My main goal is for you to FEEL how you felt in those moments. You will have plenty of posed photos to print and hang in your living room, but my main focus is to get those priceless candid moments that truly show you as you are. Each wedding and session are going to be different from each other, because YOU are unique!

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I LOVE my job!

I believe that God created each of us to have our own unique features, mannerisms, personalities, and ways of interacting with each other. I feel SO blessed to have the opportunity to become a fly on the wall of your relationship for a short time. I love hearing each unique story, watching the two of you interact, laughing with you, and capturing the memories as we go! 

I think I have always had a knack for seeing beauty in every person and a passion for showing them the beauty that others get to see. I want to be your cheerleader, confidence booster and friend.


"My husband and I are both very awkward and have never had photos taken professionally together, so we had absolutely no idea what to do or how to act during the engagement photoshoot. Sarah was so helpful in helping us get comfortable in front of the camera, giving us feedback in our poses, while also getting the candid shots that showed so much emotion behind the photos. I honestly knew that Sarah was the best pick since the day I had first saw her work."

Blake + Katlyn