A little about me...

My husband Nathan and I were married on September 20th, 2020. We have a beagle mix, an aussiedoodle, and a bearded dragon! I'm a lover of Jesus, quality time with friends and family, DONKEYS, music, ice cream and food in general (especially when made by my hubby), strawberry lemonade, cozy things (give me all the fireplaces, candles, blankets, and fuzzy socks please), and anything sentimental.

I used to work in assisted living facilities, spending my days taking care of my sweet elderly residents. I absolutely LOVE hearing them talk about their lives and could sit and look through their old photos with them for as long as they'd have me. Warning: I WILL try to become besties with your grandparents and grab some sweet photos of them on your wedding day...sorry not sorry ;)

I will sit all day and listen to people's stories, and I think that's why I love getting to be a part of your legacy SO much! If you're into personality tests, I'm a 2w1 on the enneagram. That basically means that my main priority is serving and loving people the best I can, while being a perfectionist with my work!

What made me choose photography?

While planning my wedding in early 2020, I fell in love with the wedding industry. After reaching out to different vendors for my own wedding, I told my parents and now husband about how I just feel pulled to the industry, but I had no clue what I would be able to offer couples! Fast forward to March 2020, when all of the Covid craziness began...I was furloughed, Nathan was working massive amounts of overtime, and I had no hobbies. To keep from going crazy, I borrowed my mom's camera, knowing that I've always loved taking and editing photos (looking at you, Picnik! haha). From there I just fell in love and jumped in head first! I've put my ALL into learning as much as I can, as quickly as possible, and it's been a blast watching my little business grow with the help of my family and so many friends!  

I feel like this business is a God thing, and I pray that he can help me bless couples and use me to help them feel confident, carefree, and VERY loved in the days leading up to their wedding as well as the big day!!