The importance of capturing your everyday

WARNING…I’m about to get a little deep. 

The last half of 2022 was emotional to say the least. So many of my friends have gone through impossibly hard losses. I know people my age who have lost parents, grandparents, fiancés, babies…the list goes on. Many people I love have loved ones going through hard sicknesses.

I think I am drawn to photography because I have always been scared of losing the people I care about, and I want to gather up all the memories I possibly can so that I can keep them forever. I also have a HORRIBLE memory, so if I don’t write it down or take a picture, I easily forget about it. 

I haven’t posted lately, because between busy season and so many friends hurting, I haven’t known what to say! I still feel like I don’t quite know what to say. But I do know this…photograph your loved ones. Pull out your phones and freeze those moments. Hire a photographer to take photos with you in them as well. If someone asks you to take a selfie but you don’t want to because you think you don’t look good enough, take it anyway. Don’t take yourself too seriously!

Please know that when you hire me as your wedding or session photographer, I care about you DEEPLY. I think about all of you, cheer all of you on, and pray for you. If I have the honor of capturing your wedding day, I will photograph as many people, candid moments, and parents/grandparents hands and features as much as I can. You will have the pretty photos to hang on your wall, but I’m realizing more and more the importance of capturing the “mundane,” because your people just being themselves is what you may end up cherishing the most. 

My intention for this post isn't to bring down the mood, but instead to CHALLENGE you to put your phone away a little more, and focus on the people in front of you (unless you pull it out to take some photos 😊). It’s so easy to get caught up in the hustle and forget the most important things. If you’re hurting right now, I am praying hard for you. I love you ALL. 

Here are some of my favorite family moments by © Sarah Raschella Photography ❤️